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7 Steps To Lose Weight With DietMi | How Does DietMi Work?

Updated: Mar 20

Lose Weight With DietMi DietMi is an award-winning program in UAE for the best weight loss and fitness services. DietMi is a startup registered in UAE in 2021. Minal Paatiil is the founder and CEO of DietMi. Within a very short period, DietMi reached many people from various countries including UAE, India, USA, UK, and the rest of the Middle East countries. This happened mostly due to word of mouth. We are thankful to all our clients who believed in us and spread it to their friends. DietMi is typically a fitness service that advises a healthy diet to its clients to help them achieve the weight loss and fitness goals fast.

DietMi Diet Plan We do not believe in a special diet that will result in weight loss. Our aim should be to achieve a healthy BMI. Once we keep ourselves healthy and fit, the weight would automatically reduce. To reach a healthy BMI, we design your diet and fitness plan. DietMi diet is nothing but your home food that you eat daily. No medicines, no chemicals, no herbal products, or a particular juice. Features of DietMi diet plan

  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items are added as per the client’s preferences. If you’re vegetarian, your diet plan will include all vegetarian food.

  • All food items involved in the diet plan are your home foods. You may find rice, dal, roti, subzi, tea, coffee, and non-vegetarian (if you’re non-vegetarian) items like eggs, chicken, etc. If you believe that rice is not good for weight loss, you should read this.

  • Fancy food items are not included in the diet plan.

  • Processed foods are avoided totally.

  • Expensive food items are not included.

  • Nationality does not matter. You can prepare the food as per your taste. However, diet plans are highly influenced by Indian food styles.

  • The diet plan is designed to best suit your age, weight, height, gender, and health conditions if any.

  • The diet plans are designed with 100% assurance of weight loss, provided you should be dedicated and consistent. There should not be any deviations.

Benefits Weight loss, inch loss, Slim body shape, restoration of normal health status with normalization of blood tests associated with overweight and obesity.

DietMi Fitness Plan Features

  • The fitness program is an online program. It is conducted as a live session. You will be provided with a link. You need to click the link to join the fitness session. You can join the fitness sessions from anywhere, no matter you’re at home or outside the city or country.

  • DietMi offers two types of fitness plans – Group fitness and personal fitness. In the group fitness plan, you will be accompanied by other DietMi clients, while in a private session, you will be alone with our trainer. Private sessions are conducted at your convenience. Group sessions are conducted at a fixed time.

  • Exercise should not be done randomly. Avoid injuring your muscles, joints, and spine by doing the exercises correctly. Minal Paatiil will be your trainer no matter it group session or a private session. She is a certified physiotherapist and knows the human anatomy better than a regular gym trainer. She will take utmost care to protect your muscles, joints, and spine while you’re exercising under her guidance.

  • You will be getting a guided and specific exercise according to your health conditions like knee joint arthritis, osteoarthritis, cervical or lumbar sponds, etc. However, DietMi recommends a private session for such a health condition as in group sessions, it would be difficult for our trainer to recommend and guide separate exercises, especially for you.

  • Private sessions take place 4-5 times a week, while group sessions occur 4-5 times a week. Each group session is for 45 mins. While personal sessions might extend to 1 hour. Both are online.

What are the steps?

Step 1

Register with DietMi. Fill out the contact form.

Step 2

You will be contacted by Minal Paatiil. This will be your first free consultation. Talk to Minal Paatiil about your fitness goals and weight loss goals. Feel free to discuss your health concerns if you have any. Choose the right plan for you, either a diet or a diet and fitness plan, and pay for it. DietMi does not have unique pricing. It varies from case to case.

Step 3

Fill out the body parameter form with your weight, height, waist size, etc.

Step 4

A healthy diet plan will be provided to you soon. It usually takes up to two days for your diet plan to be ready. We will prepare a diet plan according to your goals. Kindly note that the diet plan will be provided in a web page format. You will receive a web link. This link contains your sensitive data, therefore for privacy purposes, we have protected it with your own Gmail ID. This link can only be opened by you only. You will receive an email about how to open this link.

Step 5

Speak with Minal Paatiil about the diet plan once you receive it.

Step 6

Get started on your diet plan. A Diet plan will be provided in phases. The first phase lasts for seven days, and the following phases last for ten days each. On the next day, after your last day of phase, you have to report your morning weight. Your next phase’s diet plan will be created based on that weight. Each phase of the diet plan will result in weight loss, depending on the intensity. Few clients ask for immediate weight loss, which isn’t recommended. Diet plans for such clients are different. Fast weight loss may result in the sagging of the skin. We recommend you follow a healthy weight loss regimen to avoid sagging.

As soon as you begin your diet, you might have a few questions. Minal should be able to assist you in this situation. You can contact her either by direct call, WhatsApp message, email, or the chat option available on the website. Whenever it is necessary, you may be given an alternative food item if you do not feel comfortable with anyone item. We recommend you not to ask for more than one or two alterations. This might affect the weight loss goals. We also recommend you not to contact Minal Paatiil repeatedly for the same query. It might affect her work.

Step 7

Enroll yourself in the maintenance diet for one month after reaching your target weight. Your weight loss should be maintained with a healthy diet to prevent weight gain. You will learn the diet pattern necessary to maintain your weight in the maintenance phase.

Dieters are always advised to join a fitness class. You’re losing weight in order to become fit, right? To stay fit, we must exercise. A fitness class will improve your stamina, strength, and cardiac fitness. Maintaining good stamina does not come simply from reaching a weight goal. Your stamina and cardiac health will improve with a guided fitness program. To keep you fit and healthy, DietMi offers a wide variety of exercise classes, especially cardio, and high intensity. DietMi is the perfect balance of diet and exercise for people who want to achieve their body weight goals.

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